Thermal Take wins the ETF2L Final

The ETF2L finals have come to a close with Thermal Take over TCM Gaming for the Premiership finals. The match was very exciting as all three games came down to the wire. The final score was 2-1, and we had two golden rounds played. The three maps went 5-4 TT, 4-3 TCM (Golden round), 4-3 … Continue reading

TF2 as an Esport

TF2 has been under the spot light the last couple days, and a lot of new discussion has started because of this free to play news. The big discussion has been if Team Fortress is a competitive shooter. The general concusses is that the game is not a competitive shooter, but more of a casual, … Continue reading

TF2 goes Free to Play

Team Fortress 2, Valve’s popular first person shooter has gone ‘Free to Play.’ What does this mean? It means anyone can download and play this game. What does this mean to competitive TF2? It means more exposure to the masses. TF2 has always been a extremely popular game, but less then average eSport. Valve seems … Continue reading