Puma Wins NASL Season One

Puma has won the North America Star League Season 1, 4-3 over MC. For Puma he’ll take home the big check, plus the $50k he gets for winning the event. This was also Puma’s first lan tournament win, making it even more impressive. Puma went through Ret(2-0), Squirtle(2-1), and July(3-1) to make it to the … Continue reading

Mousesports Wins the Evil Genius Masters Cup

Mousesports the German squad has won the Evil Genius’s Masters Cup season 1 with a win over the American squad Complexity(CoL). The team went undefeated throughout the whole tournament earning the $5,000 prize. The German Mousesports came into the league as one of the best teams in the world. With players such as Marrow, and … Continue reading

MLG Groups Drawn

The MLG Anaheim groups for SC2 have been drawn. We don’t know the names of the GSL participants yet, but the groups have been drawn anyways and it’s a stacked field. Players like Idra, and Incontrol, to the Korean killers in Naniwa, and Huk are all settled into their groups. The groups to watch for … Continue reading

Evil Genius Masters Cup Final

The Evil Geniuses Masters Cup is finally coming to a close with the team final happening tomorrow between: Dignitas and Mouzsports. The two foreign based squads will square off for a chanced to be name best foreign team. These two teams had to really battle through some tough match ups to make it up to … Continue reading

Naniwa Takes out MC

Dignitas. Naniwa has taken out the Korean champion  oGsMC in a best of 3 at Germany’s Home Story Cup 3. This is the first time any foreigner has taken out the GSL 2 time champion in any set at any tournament, and this comes right after Huk’s win at Dreamhack Summer 2011. Naniwa won the first game … Continue reading

Polt too much for MMA

2 red bulls, and another GSL final with insane intro scenes later, we have a champion. The GSL Super Tournament has come to an end, 64 of the worlds top Starcraft players got together to see who is the top player on the planet. The final two players were Slayers_MMA and PoltPrime_WE, both Korean superstars,who … Continue reading

This week in eSports: 6/172011

This week in eSports…. We have some large events happening all around the world this week. From up state California, all the way to Sweden. All the world is getting some sort of competition this weekend. Dreamhack Summer 2011: The largest Local Arena Network (LAN) in all of the world is back, and bigger than … Continue reading