Tokido Joins Team Madcatz

Tokido, one of the top players in all of Japan, and a fighting game legend has joined Daigo, and Mago on Team Madcatz. Tokido recently won the Florida event CEO 2011 in the games Arcade Edition, and Marvel 3. He dominated the event, and left America players with their jaws to the floor. Team Madcatz … Continue reading

Daigo down early at NCR9

The beast falls, Daigo Umehara has lost 2-0 to the Midwest champion Floe in the winners bracket of the Norcal Regionals tournament. There was tons of hype coming into this tournament concerning Daigo, and him playing Marvel 3. He earlier beat Lamerboi 2-0, in a epic match, as Lamerboii really blew a big lead of … Continue reading

Diago at NCR

It has been reported that Daigo Umehara will be at NCR and will be playing more than just Arcade Edition. People, we will get our first glimpse of Daigo in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. He promised us he would play at Evo, but a month before we’ll get a preview of what’s to come. Check … Continue reading