Seven Koreans Confirmed for MLG

The MLG has just confirmed on their site 7 GSL participants will be at MLG Anaheim, July 29-31. The seven confirmed are the defending MLG champion SlayersMMA, the defending GSL Super tournament champion MVPDongRaeGue (DRG), SlayersBoxer, and IMMVP in the pro groups. The 3 others are ChoyaFoU, SlayersAlicia, and SlayersGanzi who are placed in lower. … Continue reading

MLG Groups Drawn

The MLG Anaheim groups for SC2 have been drawn. We don’t know the names of the GSL participants yet, but the groups have been drawn anyways and it’s a stacked field. Players like Idra, and Incontrol, to the Korean killers in Naniwa, and Huk are all settled into their groups. The groups to watch for … Continue reading

Polt too much for MMA

2 red bulls, and another GSL final with insane intro scenes later, we have a champion. The GSL Super Tournament has come to an end, 64 of the worlds top Starcraft players got together to see who is the top player on the planet. The final two players were Slayers_MMA and PoltPrime_WE, both Korean superstars,who … Continue reading