I’m Back, Bitch!

Boo Yah! What’s up bitches? I’m back here on my shitty blog, ready to dish out some knowledge. I’ll be back giving you tiny bits of commentary, info, and previews on large events all throughout 2012. My goal for this year is 10,000+ page views. It sounds small to you, but that’s a large goal! … Continue reading

League Takes Quakes spot at IEM.

Quake Live has been replaced by the rapidly growing League of Legends in the IEM. Leagues recent success at Dreamhack had lead to multiple opportunities for the game. The game is added to a list of Counter-Strike 1.6, and Starcraft 2 with a $635,000 season pool for the games. It’s a big step forward for … Continue reading

Na’vi wins the Adepto BH Open

Na’vi, the Ukrainian counter-strike team has won the 2011 Adepto BH Open Final 2-0 over the Swedish team Fnatic. It’s been a long weekend for the Ukrainian’s, from being kept in “airport jail”, as said by Markeloff via twitter, to winning the title. It’s been an interesting weekend to say the least. This Na’vi team … Continue reading

Dreamhack: Counter-Strike 1.6 finals preview

Dreamhack day 3 playoff stage is about to begin for Counter Strike 1.6. All these weekends events, and matches have finally lead up to this. Six teams have advanced from group stages, and two team got byes in the first round. Those two teams were SK gaming, and the surprising BYOC qualifier ESC Gaming has … Continue reading

IOL Finals 4: The rivalry

The rivalry has been renewed, SK vs Fnatic. The two teams made it to the finals of the IOL Finals 4. This is the first set of matches before group play in the actual Dreamhack tournament. The two teams already played earlier in the day on DE_Nuke, and the match ended up in a draw … Continue reading

Polt too much for MMA

2 red bulls, and another GSL final with insane intro scenes later, we have a champion. The GSL Super Tournament has come to an end, 64 of the worlds top Starcraft players got together to see who is the top player on the planet. The final two players were Slayers_MMA and PoltPrime_WE, both Korean superstars,who … Continue reading

This week in eSports: 6/172011

This week in eSports…. We have some large events happening all around the world this week. From up state California, all the way to Sweden. All the world is getting some sort of competition this weekend. Dreamhack Summer 2011: The largest Local Arena Network (LAN) in all of the world is back, and bigger than … Continue reading