TF2 as an Esport

TF2 has been under the spot light the last couple days, and a lot of new discussion has started because of this free to play news. The big discussion has been if Team Fortress is a competitive shooter. The general concusses is that the game is not a competitive shooter, but more of a casual, … Continue reading

Genesis 2 Pre-Registration

Genesis 2 registration closes in 2 short days. The follow up to one of the biggest tournaments in Smash history, Genesis. The tournament field looks promising, in both Melee, and Brawl, and the East coast is supposedly showing up in force. If your a smash player, or fan this is the event you can’t miss. … Continue reading

League Takes Quakes spot at IEM.

Quake Live has been replaced by the rapidly growing League of Legends in the IEM. Leagues recent success at Dreamhack had lead to multiple opportunities for the game. The game is added to a list of Counter-Strike 1.6, and Starcraft 2 with a $635,000 season pool for the games. It’s a big step forward for … Continue reading

Ally takes COT5

Ally takes the Philly event Clash of the Titans 5 ran by Chibo Sempai. He beat Mew 2 King 3-0 in grand finals. Ally went with the Metaknight mirror instead of the Snake vs Metaknight classic match up we usually see with these guys. Ally dominated, and M2K basically idra’d out of game 3 after … Continue reading

Na’vi wins the Adepto BH Open

Na’vi, the Ukrainian counter-strike team has won the 2011 Adepto BH Open Final 2-0 over the Swedish team Fnatic. It’s been a long weekend for the Ukrainian’s, from being kept in “airport jail”, as said by Markeloff via twitter, to winning the title. It’s been an interesting weekend to say the least. This Na’vi team … Continue reading

Naniwa Takes out MC

Dignitas. Naniwa has taken out the Korean champion  oGsMC in a best of 3 at Germany’s Home Story Cup 3. This is the first time any foreigner has taken out the GSL 2 time champion in any set at any tournament, and this comes right after Huk’s win at Dreamhack Summer 2011. Naniwa won the first game … Continue reading

Tokido Joins Team Madcatz

Tokido, one of the top players in all of Japan, and a fighting game legend has joined Daigo, and Mago on Team Madcatz. Tokido recently won the Florida event CEO 2011 in the games Arcade Edition, and Marvel 3. He dominated the event, and left America players with their jaws to the floor. Team Madcatz … Continue reading

TF2 goes Free to Play

Team Fortress 2, Valve’s popular first person shooter has gone ‘Free to Play.’ What does this mean? It means anyone can download and play this game. What does this mean to competitive TF2? It means more exposure to the masses. TF2 has always been a extremely popular game, but less then average eSport. Valve seems … Continue reading

LoL the most popular esport?

League of Legends, the immensely popular RPG game has taken a step forward in the eSports realm. Attracting over 200k individual streamers for the Dreamhack season one finals, and matches. This raises some questions. Is LoL the top dog in the eSports world? Where as we thought sc2 held reign there. LoL is a popular … Continue reading

SK back on top

(Photo via The Swedish champions are back on top of the world as they defeat mTw to win the Dreamhack Summer 2011 Counter Strike 1.6 division. SK had one of those patented weekends where they go through groups, and brackets and destroy everything in their path. SK ended up winning three events this weekend, and beat … Continue reading