Naniwa Takes out MC

Dignitas. Naniwa has taken out the Korean champion  oGsMC in a best of 3 at Germany’s Home Story Cup 3. This is the first time any foreigner has taken out the GSL 2 time champion in any set at any tournament, and this comes right after Huk’s win at Dreamhack Summer 2011. Naniwa won the first game … Continue reading

Tokido Joins Team Madcatz

Tokido, one of the top players in all of Japan, and a fighting game legend has joined Daigo, and Mago on Team Madcatz. Tokido recently won the Florida event CEO 2011 in the games Arcade Edition, and Marvel 3. He dominated the event, and left America players with their jaws to the floor. Team Madcatz … Continue reading

TF2 goes Free to Play

Team Fortress 2, Valve’s popular first person shooter has gone ‘Free to Play.’ What does this mean? It means anyone can download and play this game. What does this mean to competitive TF2? It means more exposure to the masses. TF2 has always been a extremely popular game, but less then average eSport. Valve seems … Continue reading

E3 2011: Wii Eww

E3 2011, the biggest event in gaming. This years convention brought lots of new exciting announcements. It brought us back to our childhood with new a new Mario, Zelda, Halo, and Resident Evil. It gave us a peak into the future with the Wii U, and 3Ds. It also gave us a massive nerd boner, … Continue reading