Genesis 2 Melee Preview

The big event is almost here: Genesis 2! And all the best players from across the United States will be in attendance. From names like: Dr.PP, Mew 2 King, Hungry Box, Mango, and many more. The event is held in Antioch, California (Northern California) and will be played through the entire three day weekend. Doubles, singles, and crew battles will be played out through the weekend.

The Melee field is stacked, lots of talented players showing up, and that means one wild tournament. East coast, west coast, and the south will all be represented here. That means anyone has a chance to take the tournament. The front runners right now are Hungrybox, Dr.PP, and Armada. As these three guys have finished top 3 at the last two majors (Apex, Pound V) the other names to look out for, that could make a run are guys like Axe, M2K, and Zhu. These guys have been on the brink of winning a tournament, or taking down a big name. Mew 2 King has done it before, but the other guys still need to prove themselves.

As for the crew battles, it looks as if the east coast has the upper hand in this department. DBR allowed the South to be grouped in with the East coast for this event.


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