MLG Groups Drawn


The MLG Anaheim groups for SC2 have been drawn. We don’t know the names of the GSL participants yet, but the groups have been drawn anyways and it’s a stacked field. Players like Idra, and Incontrol, to the Korean killers in Naniwa, and Huk are all settled into their groups.

The groups to watch for are groups A, and B. The two death groups. Group B has two teammates in Idra, and Incontrol, plus the newest member of Code A FXOSheth. Group A is “the death group” with probably the two best foreigners right now who jut faced off at Home Story Cup 3: Huk and Naniwa. And don’t forget the GSL participant.

We also have players like Select, Kiwikaki, and many more top foreigner players. The event is going to be amazing, with Tastetosis casting, and the large crowds it’s sure to be a lot of fun.

I’ll be attending the event giving you all the unsworn coverage you can handle. Look for me at MLG Anaheim.^_^


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