TF2 as an Esport


TF2 has been under the spot light the last couple days, and a lot of new discussion has started because of this free to play news. The big discussion has been if Team Fortress is a competitive shooter. The general concusses is that the game is not a competitive shooter, but more of a casual, pub type game.

TF2 has a very strong pub community, and the game does an excellent job with that part of the community. But why does it only have to be labeled as a casual game? The game has a small, but very exciting competitive side to it. With large scale eSport teams supporting it.

The game is a very balanced shooter, no real class is above another. The maps are also balanced, and original. It’s not always your basic map layout like you’ll see in other competitive first person shooters. The game is fast paced, and pros really make the game interesting to watch with amazing rocket jumps, airshots,…etc. The game is always expanding, so many new strategies, and techniques used in almost every game.

The metagame is always expanding in TF2. The game has been undersold, and has never been given a fair chance. It has great potential, but other games have over shadowed it. But calling it strictly a casual game is the sign of a ignorant TF2 player that has never been shown the light.

ESEA has started season 9, and eXtv is showing matches. Good sites to go to include,, and there are many other trying to make a difference.


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