League Takes Quakes spot at IEM.


Quake Live has been replaced by the rapidly growing League of Legends in the IEM. Leagues recent success at Dreamhack had lead to multiple opportunities for the game. The game is added to a list of Counter-Strike 1.6, and Starcraft 2 with a $635,000 season pool for the games. It’s a big step forward for the League of Legends community.

As for Quake, this is a big step backwards. The games popularity has been waining in the balance. The immediate success of the game got them into all these large tournaments, and circuits, but with numbers dwindling they have begun to get dropped. The game is not dead by any means. This time it was just replaced by a more successful, more popular game.

Quake Live will be around for a couple more years. League, HoN, and whatever new Dota comes along will now be the new power in competitive eSports.


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