Ally takes COT5


Ally takes the Philly event Clash of the Titans 5 ran by Chibo Sempai. He beat Mew 2 King 3-0 in grand finals. Ally went with the Metaknight mirror instead of the Snake vs Metaknight classic match up we usually see with these guys. Ally dominated, and M2K basically idra’d out of game 3 after a 0% suicide.

The grand finals weren’t very exciting, but M2K’s road to the finals was very exciting. After getting sent to losers he had to battle his way back up. His road went through Bizkit, a New England Snake. It went down to final game, final stock. Game 3 was on FD, and both players on final stock played the stay away game. It came down to a Bizkit mind lapse where he up smashed, and missed causing him to lose the game with a M2k down smash.

Not a large tournament, but It was definitely hype. Let’s hope they can bring that hype to Genesis 2 in July!


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