Na’vi wins the Adepto BH Open

Na’vi, the Ukrainian counter-strike team has won the 2011 Adepto BH Open Final 2-0 over the Swedish team Fnatic. It’s been a long weekend for the Ukrainian’s, from being kept in “airport jail”, as said by Markeloff via twitter, to winning the title. It’s been an interesting weekend to say the least.

This Na’vi team really had no trouble taking this title, as expected. Going through pools, and bracket with barely any rounds lost. The exclamation mark came as they took down Fnatic 16:13 on Dust 2, after being down 10:5 at half they climbed back to take the map. The next map was straight domination. 16:0 Na’vi in a clean sweep 2-0 over Fnatic. They’ll walk away with 6,000 euros, as Fnatic gets second, and HeadshotBG finishing third.

Fnatic is a whole different story, lots of problems for this Swedish team. Fnatic recently dropped Manne, and picked up Pita this week, but Fnatic is not playing at their best. This is the second straight week losing to Na’vi.

Congratulations to Na’vi on the win.

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