Naniwa Takes out MC

Dignitas. Naniwa has taken out the Korean champion  oGsMC in a best of 3 at Germany’s Home Story Cup 3. This is the first time any foreigner has taken out the GSL 2 time champion in any set at any tournament, and this comes right after Huk’s win at Dreamhack Summer 2011.

Naniwa won the first game to take a 1-0 lead, but Naniwa got nervous, and passive and let MC take back the second game to tie the series 1-1. The third, and final game came down to some incredibly micro. Naniwa went Archon/Collusus, plus mass Zealot.  As MC went mass stalker, and Collusus, but Naniwa’s brilliant micro, and positioning came out on top, as he took the third game.

With Huk taking Dreamhack over Moon, and Naniwa over MC. It seems as if the top foreigners are gaining more confidence, and think they can take out these Korean players.

Naniwa is currently in winners bracket finals against the Dramhack champion Huk, and MC is dropped into losers.





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