TF2 goes Free to Play

Team Fortress 2, Valve’s popular first person shooter has gone ‘Free to Play.’ What does this mean? It means anyone can download and play this game.

What does this mean to competitive TF2? It means more exposure to the masses. TF2 has always been a extremely popular game, but less then average eSport. Valve seems to be following the League of Legends model, with items to purchase with actual money. More people might be willing to venture into the competitive side of the game.

The game has tons of potential, lots of strats, and interesting game types that make watching and playing fun to participate. 6 vs 6 is the standard play, usually 2 scouts, 1 soldier, demo, 2 medics. It switches up with Heavies, Snipers, and spies. Lots of good strategy to use.

Go download the game of steam right now.


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