LoL the most popular esport?


League of Legends, the immensely popular RPG game has taken a step forward in the eSports realm. Attracting over 200k individual streamers for the Dreamhack season one finals, and matches. This raises some questions. Is LoL the top dog in the eSports world? Where as we thought sc2 held reign there.

LoL is a popular casual game, but more and more gamers are coming on to the other side of the spectrum. The competitive side. With the game being free to play, more gamers are exposed to the games competitive side. Yet not a lot of players are striving to become pros. I think gamers will catch hold of this idea, and circuits, and leagues will be picking LoL up right around the corner.

The game is at it’s early stages, but this weekends numbers show that this game has a huge amount of potential. If this game gets added to a league the amount of hype, and viewers could go to a staggering high number. The game is not the most popular esport yet because the players of the game are just now being exposed. But once they catch on this game could take off past the Starcrafts, and other top eSports.


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