SK back on top

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The Swedish champions are back on top of the world as they defeat mTw to win the Dreamhack Summer 2011 Counter Strike 1.6 division. SK had one of those patented weekends where they go through groups, and brackets and destroy everything in their path.

SK ended up winning three events this weekend, and beat Fnatic a record time 4 times this weekend to take the IOL Final 4 championship, WCG Sweden qualifier, and the Dreamhack event. It was a long weekend for SK, but well worth it for the champions.

In bracket SK recieved the one seed by posting a 4-1-0 record in group, and then finish 2-0 in brackets to win the event. They had to go through the Ukrainian champions, Na’vi, and the Danish champions mTw to take home the crowd. It was a wild weekend for the SK gaming team.

Earlier this, and last month SK added Delphan (as you have probably heard by now) and there were many skeptics about how this team would gel together, and if he would even play in this event. Well, SK answered the critics and dominated. Delphan posting one of the best overall stats throughout the weekend. His AWP skills really put this team over the top.

Congratulations to SK Gaming!


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