Dreamhack: Counter-Strike 1.6 finals preview

Dreamhack day 3 playoff stage is about to begin for Counter Strike 1.6. All these weekends events, and matches have finally lead up to this. Six teams have advanced from group stages, and two team got byes in the first round. Those two teams were SK gaming, and the surprising BYOC qualifier ESC Gaming has advanced into the second round of the Dreamhack playoffs. The other 4 teams that advanced from group stages were Na’Vi, mTw, Fnatic,  and Moscow Five.

The first two games of the day are between mTw and Moscow Five, and Na’vi vs Fnatic. Moscow Five has been just as hot as any team in this tournament, and without a hiccup against PlayArt they would have a bye at this point.Ed1k, and Dosia are playing at their highest levels. Na’Vi was the easy favorite to take the group, but ended up losing to ESC Gaming, and now play the Swedish power Fnatic. Fnatic has been through a rather tough weekend, losing to SK 4 times, and losing 2 finals. They have a tough task in taking out the Ukrainian power Na’vi.

The event has been great thus far, with hundreds of hours of games. These last few games are sure to be great!


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