Complexity adds two icons

Complexity, one of the top American based gaming teams has added two American fighting game icons. Mike Ross, and Gootecks, the two Southern California gamer’s, have signed their contracts and become members of the Complexity organization. Mike and Ryan (Gootecks) have been in works recently with the group Machinima on a series called Cross Counter. They have been creating some internet buzz with this series. The two players are great promoters, and they are well know around the fighting game community. They will be a nice addition to an already rapidly growing team in Complexity.

Mike, and Ryan, aside from their promoting, and videos have more to offer. Mike being the best E.Honda in the country, and maybe the world right now has consistently finished top 8 in majors since the release of SF4. Gootecks has also been a threat to all in the fighting game world, with his high level play in tournaments all across America.

Here is the official statement from the Cross Counter twitter account:

“ANNOUNCEMENT! compLexity launches #FGC division with @gootecks & @ThatMikeRossGuy at the helm #evo2k #SSF4AE

Ryan and Mike will be a great addition to the Complexity squad.


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