IOL Finals 4: The rivalry

The rivalry has been renewed, SK vs Fnatic. The two teams made it to the finals of the IOL Finals 4. This is the first set of matches before group play in the actual Dreamhack tournament. The two teams already played earlier in the day on DE_Nuke, and the match ended up in a draw 15-15.

The second match of the day, for much larger stakes started off with SK running away on Train. First half they took a 12-3 lead, and fed off Delphans precise awping in clutch situations. SK’s strat’s in general on train seem to work much better than what Fnatic was doing.

On map 2, DE_Dust 2, SK once again started on a 8 round win streak, fueled by the AWP of Delphan. Get_Right was also on fire with a + 12. Fnatic basically got embarrassed, losing 13-2 in the first half, and the entire team finishing in the negatives. The game ended at 16-3.

SK has the look of a champion. Absolutely destroying Fnatic, now can they win Dreamhack tournament? I have them as the favorite right now, especially after this match. GG’s to Fnatic, congrats to SK!


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