Polt too much for MMA


2 red bulls, and another GSL final with insane intro scenes later, we have a champion. The GSL Super Tournament has come to an end, 64 of the worlds top Starcraft players got together to see who is the top player on the planet. The final two players were Slayers_MMA and PoltPrime_WE, both Korean superstars,who would battled it out for a title.

After the ridiculous K-Pop performance by Rainbow, we finally got the match underway. It was Terran vs Terran, between two of the best Terrans in the world. MMA, who just came off the huge win at MLG Columbus only two weeks ago, and was very confident coming into this match. He predicted a 4-0, or 4-1 roll over victory of PoltPrime.

Polt had different ideas, as he let his game do the talking. Polt came out and surprised the world as he crushed MMA. Game after game it seemed as if MMA had no answers for Polt’s amazing builds, and micro. He was always one step ahead of MMA throughout the entire match. Even guys like Artosis, and Tasteless were impressed with Polt’s 4-0 victory to take the GSL Super Tournament.

Congratulations to PoltPrime_WE and the whole WE organization for their gigantic victory. I know they’ll enjoy that $100,000.


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