This week in eSports: 6/172011

This week in eSports….

We have some large events happening all around the world this week. From up state California, all the way to Sweden. All the world is getting some sort of competition this weekend.

Dreamhack Summer 2011:
The largest Local Arena Network (LAN) in all of the world is back, and bigger than ever. Supporting 7 streams for different game. It’s sure to be a great weekend of high level play.
Teams like Fnatic,SK, OGS, Slayers, and many other top level team will be showing up to the event. Along with the best casters in the business.

Norcal Regionals 9:
The Norcal hype is back, and this time with the foreigners. MK9, SSF4:AE, and MvC3 will all be played this weekend. It will be streamed by and Spooky from Team Spooky. We also reported this week that Daigo “the beast” Umehara will be playing Marvel 3, so watch out America.

NASL Playoffs:
After a long 9 week season, of the best North American Starcraft play we’ve seen. The playoffs have finally begun. Currently bring casted by the famous Moletrap, as the road to Ontario, Canada begins, and the $100,000 prize pool to be distributed to the winners.

I hope you enjoy the weekend events… I’ll be updating, and posting links all week on my twitter.


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