DreamHack Summer 2011: Counter-Strike preview

The 2011 Dreamhack Summer 2011 Counter-Strike preview. The largest LAN event in the world is back for it’s summer event. Where 10 of the top Counter-Strike teams have gathered up for the goal of winning the €6,715. The 10 teams competeting are:

Group 1:

  • Na’vi
  • mTw
  • Lions
  • Millennium
  • Kaos
  • qualifier team #1

Group 2

  • Fnatic
  • SK Gaming
  • Moscow Five
  • PlayArt
  • X6tence
  • Qualifier team #2

Lots of talented teams will be here at this event. With good teams, usually also brings controversy. The real big controversy coming into this event is between the two large Swedish teams: Fnatic and SK Gaming. Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of shady negotiations have been happening over the player known as “Delphan.” Contract breaches, lying, and lots of accusations from the two clubs. Delphan now holds suit with the SK Gaming squad, and Fnatic is matched up with SK Gaming in group stage #1. This match is a “must watch.”

Besides that everything is even keel. Most of these teams are actively participating in the eight season of the Intel Challenge Super Cup, and they are currently in group stages #2. The reason I say this is because some of these teams might be distracted from the goal at hand.

Now looking at the groups, it’s clear that we will be seeing tons of great action all weekend. Especially from group 2, otherwise known as “the death group” filled with 4 teams that at any moment in time can turn it on, and win an entire event. We already have the two Swedish teams, as we talked about, but we also have the dangerous Moscow Five team. Followed by the Spanish X6tence team, who is surprisingly talented. First thoughts will have you going SK, or Fnatic, but with all this controversy going on you have to think a team could swoop in and take the group.

As for group 1, it’s more clear who the favorite is. Na’Vi, the Ukrainian champions seem to be the favorite. We also have mTw, who is inconsistent, but can definitely show up and win a tournament. Lions, Millennium, and Kaos are all solid teams, but taking the top 2 out is very unlikely.

The event really doesn’t have a clear cut favorite. Most people will go with the Sweeds, or the Ukrainians, but with all this distraction a mTw, or Moscow Five could come in and take the crown.

It’s sure to be a great event, as it is every year. Good luck to all the teams competeting.


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