The Evo Hype

Over the past weekend, we experienced two major tournaments on two different coast: Revelations, and CEO 2011. Both played host for some of the biggest names in the Fighting Game scene. Including our over seas counterparts, the Japanese. The weekend was filled with incredibly hype matches in a number of different games. Even games like BlazeBlue, and Arcana Heart 3 had a presence at the events. But the main attractions were Marvel 3, and SF4: Arcade Edition. This was Marvels coming out party, (somewhat) and it came out with a bang. With TTC Tokido “Murderface” taking home Ceo, and Viscant taking it at Revelations. Both players using Phoenix at the tail end of their team. For AE, the Japanese came out on top. Daigo taking it in LA, and Tokido in Florida.

Now this brings me to my point, that Evo 2011 is going to be so incredibly hype that I’m not entirely sure Las Vegas is ready for it. First off, we have 3 new game titles: MvC3, MK9, and SSF4:AE. All games are winners, and all the top level players are playing these games. We will name three, first time champions in one Evo. Next, the competition is much tighter this year. In years past, Justin has absolutely dominated the American fighting game scene, and though he is still finishing top 8, he’s not winning. This opens the door for other competitors ready to take the leap to “gdlk” tier in terms of America players. Guys like Mike Ross, Floe, Arturo Sanchez,  Ricky Ortiz, and other top notch players are right on the edge, and ready to win a major event. And finally, the Japanese have seemed to really step up their game, in Marvel, and in AE. It’s now a “Us vs them” type of situation. Will the American players band together to achieve the one single goal, and Beat the Japanese players?

Evo will be extremely competitive, and lots of fun. Heed my warning now, if there is any way you can get to Evo, GO! This event is unlike any event I have ever been too. The people, players, and matches are all extremely… hype! Fighting game legends are made here at Evo, dreams realized, and loss. I’m telling you now, go to Evo.


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