Justin Wong’s Legacy

Justin Wong, the American fighting game super hero. He’s been turning heads, and making people rage quit for some time now. He’s known as one of the best to ever play fighting games. Justin has one countless titles, in many different games. There was a time where he just couldn’t lose. He seemed unbeatable to most players,he was on a whole different level. In all seriousness, he might be considered the best fighting game player to ever be born on American soil. He captivated the nation when he broke into the scene with his Marvel vs Capcom 2 skills. He was winning tournaments as a teenager. He is probably considered the best MvC2 player of all time. He didn’t stop there, though. He won in 3rd strike, and as soon as the new generation of games came out he won at those too. How could you possibly sum up Justin’s legacy?

Justin has won Evo’s before, but never for Street Fighter 4.  The past two Evo’s, Justin has been taken out by the top Asian players from across the world. Justin is considered as a top 3 player of all time, but how can he take the leap to number 1? He has to come into this years Evo, and defeat his “nemesis,” Daigo Umehara. Justin has done it before, at other smaller events, but never on the biggest stage. Justin needs to win Evo 2011. He has the skills, and the knowledge, but in these high pressure situations Justin has faltered.  In 2009, he was one round away from being crown champion over Daigo, but “The Beast” pulled it out. In 2010, he was defeated by the famous Gamerbee, and his Adon, plus he lost to Vangief’s, Zangief. Justin is right on the edge of a Evo title, but he just hasn’t been able to get over the hump

In my opinion, for Justin to validate his career as the top Street Fighter 4 player, and maybe fighting game player at all time, he needs to win Evo. He might need to win in maybe more than one game. Justin is a top 3 player of all time, probably top 2. And with a win at Evo, I believe Justin could be considered the greatest ever. We’ll just have to wait and see at Evo 2011 this year. It will be very interesting…..


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