Yellow carded

The BBR- Committee has come up with a verdict to hand out three “yellow cards” to M2k, Anti, and ADHD for their recent tournament infractions at Keitaro’s event (KTAR5) in New Jersey. The yellow card is basically just a warning, and one more and these players will be suspended from tournaments running with the BBR-Committee ruleset as their own rules. Is this new system good for the integrity or Brawl? Or will something like this seem to end us biting us in the ass?

If you missed last years MLG circuit events, you missed one of the biggest scandals in all of Smash history. Basically Jason (M2K) threw the match, and split the pot with (Wyatt) ADHD. The MLG found out about this encounter, kicked out both players, and then left Brawl off the circuit for the next season. These players are known for this type of thing, and this time the BBR decided to step in and take action. The two, plus Anti all received yellow cards, and it will stay with them for the next six months, so one slip up and they are suspended.

Now, you might see this as a good thing, or you might see it as a bad thing. My take on this entire situation is that it’s probably a bad thing. I agree that the BBR needed to do something to reprehend these players trying to cheat the system, but the timing is real bad. Brawl is at a real fragile state right now. It’s on the verge of dying off. Players are leaving for the newer games such as Marvel or Street Fighter. Brawl just can’t compete with these franchises right now, and it’s killing the tournament scene. Now we have the BBR, this authoritative figure cracking down on our top players, and the rules. It almost seems as if the BBRC is discouraging players these top players from participating in these events. M2K, and ADHD have really screwed up, but basically they are all we got left in our community. We aren’t getting this new blood at our majors. We aren’t even getting the regulars too come out, and if we lose the top tier players are game could be through.

BBRC was put in a tough situation, and it needed to be done, but I hope this doesn’t really effect anyone’s will to play the game. The game is dying whether we like it or not. The true test will be the attendance at such events as Genesis 2, and Apex 3.  I know I’ve got off topic, but things like this really effect the integrity of the game..


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