The NASL: Week 5

This week is a very important week in the North America Star League. It’s time for the top players to separate themselves from the group, and others to make a run at the playoffs. Their’s a lot of key match-ups this week in the NASL.

Division 1:

Morrow vs Fenix, Fenix at 4-0 is leading this division, and the entire NASL. Morrow at 3-1 can put himself a top the division with a win this week.

Prediction: Fenix 2-1

Kiwi vs Sheth, Sheth at 4-0 is also in contention to win this division, but he’ll have to through Kiwikaki who is only at 2-2.

Prediction: Kiwi 2-1, with the upset.

Division 2:

Darkforce vs White-Ra, Both players are currently at 2 points in the division, and need a win to stay at the top of the list.

Prediction: White-Ra 2-0

Cruncher vs Ensnare, both of these players are out of the top 4, but with a win they could both be catapulted up in the rankings.

Prediction: Ensnare 2-1

Division 3:

Squirtle vs Naniwa, both players at 3-1 trailing to Strelok will battle it out to stay on top of the leader board.

Prediction: Naniwa 2-0

Nada vs KawaiRice, Nada has yet to play Haypro, but at 2-1 he still has a chance to take this division. Rice just trying to stay alive.

Prediction: Nada 2-0

Division 4:

Select vs Ret, Select at the top of the division at 4-0, and Ret at 3-1 could tie the leader here in this match up.

Prediction: Select 2-1

Hasuobs vs Brat_ok, both these players tied at 3-1, and playing at an extremely high level. Huge match for playoff placing.

Prediction: Hasuobs 2-0

Division 5:

Sen vs Idra, this is my match of the week. Winner of this will most likely come out on top of division 5.

Prediction: 2-1 Sen, with the upset

Zenio vs Cloud, these two players aren’t at the top, but this is a big match up for making it into the playoffs.

Prediction: 2-0 Zenio

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